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                                     Process Service     

      Our Investigators will serve an individual or entity with summons, subpoenas and             other court ordered documents as well as certain letters and notices. If you need                   a Process Server in New Orleans or a surrounding area contact us today.                          "Uptown Investigations is as committed to process service as investigation." 

Some servers prefer to work only from 9-5 and go home. We don't believe in simply going through the motions and rubber-stamping service attempts. When making an attempt we use all available information and our experience to pinpoint times with the best chance of  success. Our people pride themselves on trying to complete each service they attempt.

                                                                                                                                            Frequent topics and questions                                                                                                                                                                       Why use a Private Investigator instead of a regular Process Server?      

Unlike some states such as California and Texas, Louisiana does not currently require Process Servers to be licensed. Many clients from states that have those requirements choose our licensed investigators to ensure acceptance in their jurisdictions.

There are some other key advantages to using a licensed Investigator:

The first, and we think the most important is that when dealing with clients our Agency is bound by the same ethics required by the state board for the rest of our investigations.

Additionally as licensed Investigators we're able to use other tools such as surveillance and locating services to help complete service in a variety of situations.                         We can even help locate assets and other info for those still putting together their case. 

                              This is your first time having someone served.

Don't worry. Few people know how it works until they have to do it. A large number of our clients are individuals and we understand how much can depend on getting a paper served. For such a simple thing it's amazing how often a person's emotional or financial well-being can be tied up in waiting to put papers into someone's hand. We're always happy to answer any questions we can to make the procedure as easy as possible.

              You don't have a current address for the person you need to serve.

This is another area where using an Investigator has it's advantages. It can be incredibly frustrating going through all the steps to begin service only to find that the person is no longer at that address. As a fully licensed Private Investigation Agency we have access to data not available to the general public and can legally perform a variety of searches to effect service.

We also give frequent assistance to the legal community and others who may have access to certain data but are still unable to confirm a definite address. When we perform a locate we never rely on one single source. Over the years we've developed an effective system that uses a combination of databases, motor vehicle and other records in conjunction with web and social media research.

 You need to serve someone who may be difficult to serve or has avoided service.

We have a great deal of experience in hard to serve papers. These types of services share aspects of other investigations we perform. This not only gives us a big advantage with experience and strategy but we consider it a professional challenge as well. 

Also, if it's not possible to serve someone by normal methods we also offer a discounted hourly rate for surveillance to catch them in the right time and place.