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Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

It's hard to imagine anything more devastating than finding out the person you love is being unfaithful. Yet the uncertainty that comes with not knowing can be equally if not more traumatic and emotionally draining, especially if it continues over time. Often we become so afraid to have our worst fears confirmed that we end up prolonging the pain and worry hoping it will go away. Even healthy relationships can be severely damaged when you're uncertain of your partner.

Uptown Investigations is dedicated to helping you restore your piece of mind. Using the latest technology as well as traditional methods we have many options available to obtain the facts and evidence you need now. 

  • Surveillance
  • Video Evidence
  • GPS Tracking
  • Cell Phone Research
  • Background Check/Information
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Information Searches

Below we've listed some of the most common signs of infidelity. Even with all of the indicators listed it's been our experience that the most accurate one is often your own intuition. Nobody knows your partner's habits and activities better than you. If you feel uneasy and your gut keeps telling you something is wrong, there's probably a reason.

  • Changes in your partner's daily routine.

  • Seems increasingly distant or confrontational.

  • Frequently asks about your schedule or when you'll be home. Possibly even accuses you of cheating.

  • Changes in phone habits. Increased calls/text messaging or adding new locks/passwords. They may only glance at certain calls/texts then quickly mute or put away the phone claiming it was nobody important. Keeps the phone close at unusual times like using the bathroom, showering or taking out the trash. Or they simply may not answer calls for various reasons; dead battery, no signal etc.

  • More time spent on the computer. Sudden or increased interest in social media/chat sites. Closing open windows or internet sessions when you enter the room or every time they leave. Frequently clears their browser history. New passwords/user login or other security measures.

  • Has recently started a new and regular hobby that doesn't include you or only takes place when you are unavailable.

  • Staying later at work. Often in addition to other excuses and mishaps such as traffic jams, forgetting items at the office etc. Takes sudden or extended business trips. Acts particularly excited or pays special attention to the details/dates of seemingly ordinary trips and activities.

  • Unusual charges to credit cards or other unexplained spending.